Accelerating Content Velocity through Data Standardization by Claravine


Claravine is redefining data integrity for the global enterprise. The Data Standards Cloud makes it easy for teams to standardize, connect and control data collaboratively across the organization, including data within Adobe Experience Manager.

In this session, Chris Comstock, CPO, will provide a view into how data standards can accelerate content velocity. He will then dive deeper into The Data Standards Cloud’s capabilities for standardizing and governing attributes across AEM products – tools and processes that ultimately enable campaign and content associations to move frictionlessly into systems for optimization, attribution and more.

Speaker Bio:

Chris Comstock is Claravine’s Chief Product Officer and has more than 15 years in the digital marketing and data management fields – working as a consultant, brand and product leader for a variety of top companies. He now heads Claravine’s product vision.

About Claravine:

Leading brands use Claravine to take greater ownership and control of their data from the start, for better decisions, stickier consumer experiences, and increased ROI. For more: