Top Challenges Facing Global Omni-channel Marketing Technology Professionals

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Marketing operations is a critical function within large global organizations. It is also an area that faces significant challenges, many of which are unique to large, complex organizations operating on a global scale.

These challenges can include difficulties in coordinating and aligning marketing efforts across multiple countries and regions, managing the sheer volume and complexity of data generated by marketing activities, and maintaining effective collaboration and communication between different departments and stakeholders.

Additionally, global organizations must also grapple with the changing nature of the marketing landscape, including the increasing importance of digital channels and the need to quickly adapt to new technologies and trends.

Marketing organizations within the global companies are dealing with a tremendous balancing act across these pressures.

To be successful, marketing operations in large global organizations must be able to effectively address these challenges and find ways to leverage their size and scale to drive impact and drive growth.

Come, learn about what those challenges are and how to balance these challenges with results.

Kirsten Oelrich, Author of the On-Purpose Growth Plan: Architecting a High-Performance Life.


Poorav Sheth is the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) at Godrej & Boyce and company.

Neha Dadbhawala, Director of Digital Operations at McAfee.

Sukumar Muthya, Executive VP at Ansira Digital.

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